confessions of a lipstick junkie

My name is Jami and I am a lipstick junkie. I am finally able to admit that I have over 60 lipsticks – between regular tube lipsticks and newer liquid lipsticks… yes, I actually counted them! I was recently introduced, by my beautiful sister-in-law Sarah, to a long-wearing, smudge proof liquid lipstick that truly seemed too good to be true. All it took was one color (SASSY Z) and I was hooked — now I use them exclusively! I do feel bad when I look at all of the other lipsticks I already own and how much money I have spent on them, but I have no reason or desire to use them at all. Sorry not sorry… I am here to share my story and why I have fallen in love with this brand!

The company is called Senegence and their line of liquid lipsticks is known as Lipsense. You may have heard of them at some point and blew it off as some kind of scam, but that is far from the truth. You start by choosing a color (36 shades that come in either matte, frost or shimmer formula) and a gloss that seals in your color so it lasts throughout the day. The glosses also come in many finishes (for beginners I recommend our Glossy Gloss) and they each can change the way a certain shade looks depending on which you choose. Three thin layers of color, a touch of gloss and you are set for the day with no touch-ups needed! Real talk. 🙂


As someone who works a full-time job (government Social Services agency), has a part-time job (a sweltering pizzeria) on weekends and back in school for another degree, I was definitely intrigued by something that stays on all day! It not only saves me from touching up throughout the day, but also shorter time getting ready in the morning. I do the rest of my makeup or get my things ready for the day while giving each layer a moment to dry. I have found that even when I am running late and I just throw on my Lipsense, I still get compliments and feel much more put together.

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Through my sister-in-law (my upline/fellow Independent Senegence distributor), I have been introduced to many other women out there who are LOVING their Lipsense and possible earning potential – new people and items all of time. I wanted in.  So I jumped feet first to start out and I am so happy I made this decision to join (my distributor # is 393346). I am known for telling it like it is and I would not put myself behind a product or brand if I did not personally love it myself! Feel free to join on my Facebook or Instagram, comment below, or e-mail me personally if you would like more information or have ANY questions at all.